Modern Transport

2021 - 2023
Meeting the high expectations of information provision, developing the transition from traditional media to web platforms.
How can we enhance brand recognition through print based advertising while transitioning to web platforms?
Visual communication was supported by photography of trucks, trailers and individual products, increasing product quality standards.
Company and Position
MTE Group manufacturers transport trailers, trucks, machinery, parts and lease services. I developed brand recognition through print advertising, publication and branding.
ETL Hire and Sinotruk NZ had annual product catalogs, MTE had individual specification sheets as each trailer is made to order.
Print Advertising
MTE, ETL Hire and Sinotruk NZ had monthly advertisements in key industry magazines maintaining a consistent print presence.
Product catalogs where updated to meet the growing product additions. My position included product photography, editing and publication design.
Mike’s Transport Warehouse
MTW had a monthly promotional catalogs with 100 products. 3,000 products were added to the online store. Totaling9,500 items in 250 categories.
Improving the single weighted copy in turn for text hierarchy to engage users. A call-to-action section overlaps the hero, providing a direct link to explore trucks, finance options or contact.

Sinotruk NZ Prototype
Improving navigation link visibility by increasing weight and spacing. Strategically using the hero image to eliminate the need for promotion-related updates.
Specifications was moved to individual truck pages allowing users to select from category and specific truck. Each truck was photographed, clear cut and edited to ensure visual consistency, presenting them from a uniform angle.
Sinotruk Our Trucks
The breadcrumb navigation allows for easy navigation, hierarchy is shown through brand colour. The four across layout, filters by truck category, series and truck type.