Advancing accessibility through interface navigation.
How might we enhance the interface and product user experience for persons living with upper extremity flexion contractures, when using a computer mouse to navigate interfaces?
Problem Statement

Computer mice are vital for interface navigation. Standardised devices don’t cater to contracture impairments of the hand. Abled strives to improve interface accessibility, through innovate product and interaction experience.

UX Research

Interviews provided insight into impairment from a human centred perspective, conversations around disability, typography and colour were imperative to ensure accessibility across physical, learning and visual.

Branding Identity
Optically aligned with elongated characters for legibility. Contrast focused monochromatic palette. Untitled Sans typeface, inspired by the principles of Morrison’s and Fukasawa’s Super Normal project.
Creative Direction
The visual of the journey from hand to product shown through linear graphics and progression scroll.
Redefined traditional click and scroll functions with programmable sensor technology. Paired with an ergonomic lock-and-release mechanism for comfort of use.
Created a vertical mouse tailored for wrist flexion contractures. Addressed challenges of button size variation for different hand sizes and non clickable measures to prevent accidental clicks.
The transition from a black to a white background is supported through the connection of linear graphics. Creating a seamless transition between two sections.
A representation of time is shown linear sand timer graphic. On scroll a progression line begins. Symbolising the beginning of the journey of hand to product
Changing Parameters
The product challenges standard parameters, a 360 degree product rotation, replaces auto and click to play video alternatives.
Tailored Function
The function section illustrates click, track and scroll functions, shown through the continuity of linear graphics.
Call to Action
Date and location informs user of release date. A loop function enables scrolling to the top, restarting the experience.
Social media acts as the primary source of communication. Scroll direction change moves horizontally, breaking up the site length.