Refining the product selection process, to improve trust and brand recognition in the landscape of industrial safety.
A series of phones with different pages of the DexSafe website on display.
How can we build trust in the DexSafe product range, and increase brand recognition, through a revised information architecture and product selection process?
In my role, I focused on improving user experience by restructuring information flow and refining product selection.
The Dexters Group, including DexSafe, prioritises safety, ensuring everyone returns home safely each day by offering secure safety barrier solutions.
Barrier Range Product Selection
Previous barrier range only filtered by brand. The redesign provides a cross-situational selection process, filtering by application, function, and brand.
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Previous navigation overlapped the hero section. The redesign creates clear separation. The search function allows for direct search.
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An animation flicking through the main headings in the DexSafe website.
Scroll to Navigation
A secondary scroll-to navigation, on Why DexSafe and Resources pages offered users the main navigation, natural scrolling, scroll-to options.
Why DexSafe
The redesigned Why DexSafe page condenses the multi-step task flow into within-page sections.
Product Selection and Comparison Tools
Inspired by Apple and Tesla's approach to product compatibility. Providing a detailed product comparison across application, function and brand.
Joule Calculator
The joule calculator improves product selection by calculating joule ratings and tailoring products, building trust in the selection.
Product Selection Tool
Kilojoule Calculator
A preview of the DexSafe Kilojoule counter tool.
Product Comparison Tool